The Warsteiner Group

A nationally and internationally successful family business

The Warsteiner group is one of the leading private brewery companies in Germany. The company is related to their region and has great international success. The Warsteiner group’s portfolio covers the whole spectrum: From regional to international and covering the whole price range from entry-level to Premium prizes. The Warsteiner group’s core is the Warsteiner Brewery, one of the biggest private breweries in Germany. With its regular brand Warsteiner Premium Pilsener, the group is present in over 50 countries worldwide. Warsteiner is committed to various fields in the art scene and extended their connection to art with the Warsteiner Art Collection, where aluminum bottles were used as a canvas. 30 years ago, the art connection of Warsteiner begun, when Andy Warhol immortalized the iconic Warsteiner Tulip Glass. Since then, the brand supports exciting art projects.

Andy Warhol’s Warsteiner Glasses © Warsteiner