The BLOOOM Award 2018

Special Category Music Video

Winner of the Special Category Music Video 2018

In the special category music video, which celebrated its premiere at the Blooom Award by Warsteiner in 2017, Drew Kirsch from Venice, USA, was chosen as another worthy winner and awarded a prize money of 500 euros. With “All the Kids are Depressed” Drew has created a music video whose message will always be up to date and gives hope to all people that have suffered from depression: “People have been battling depression since we were put on earth and it will probably still remain an issue when we leave”, states Drew Kirsch.

New Category in 2017

In 2017, for the first time, participants could also submit a music video to the Blooom Award by Warsteiner. Michael Klich from Germany won the special prize with his music video for “Hallo Frosch” (“Hello Frog”) by the band Britney.

Michael Klich © Warsteiner