The Blooom Award 2019

Sebastian schmidt

Second place winner of Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2018 Sebastian Schmidt received a one-day coaching session with the jury member and director of Art Düsseldorf, Walter Gehlen in the beginning of 2019. Schmidt works with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and Digital Art, where his series “missiles” and the included work “ANAHIT”, which was part of Blooom Award Special Exhibtion 2018, can be found. The inspiring coaching with Walter Gehlen gave Schmidt new insights on art and helped him establish new contacts. He is currently working on a new CGI project, which deals with present events. He takes this year’s 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall as an opportunity to create a fictional past from 1990 onwards, where the November Revolution did not happen. You can see the recent series “missiles” with the included work “ANAHIT” at KRAVT/ZAMT at Tucholskystr. 28 in Berlin Mitte.

Pictures: Doro Zinn