The Blooom Award 2019

Igor simic

Since winning Blooom Award 2013, Serbian artist Igor Simic has expanded his worldwide network with international exhibitions. Two years later he received the Discovery Award by LOOP Art Fair for his work “Melancholic drone”. After an exhibition in 2017 at the B3 Biennial in Frankfurt, Galerie Anita Beckers began to exhibit his works. From September 5 to 9, he exhibited his artwork “3d-printed bionic implant spine 2.0” at Galerie Anita Beckers at Ars Electronica in Linz. In addition to his artistic work, he develops video games and creates short films. In the course of this process, he founded the start-up “Demagog Studio”, a mix of creative agency, video game company and artist studio. Apple featured the studios’s first commercial game on the App Store and praised the atmosphere and the soundtrack. Unity became aware of the successful founder and invited him to give a lecture in Los Angeles on how he applies interdisciplinary topics from his artistic practice to the field of video games. For example, if an idea has no commercial potential, it will be transformed into a work of art. He calls it “art-meets-company organization”, in the style of the Bauhaus. Creative works are no longer tied to a medium but cross the dimensions and are characterized by the complexity of social structures. 

Pictures: Ingo Bollhöfer