The BLOOOM Award 2018

Blooom Award 2018


1st Place: Joseph Wilcox, In Search of Martin Klein

With his video work “In Search of Martin Klein”, Joseph Wilcox (34 years old) from Grand Rapids, USA, impressed the jury and thus earned first place. In his video, the artist, who is fascinated by conspiracy theories, tells the story of a certain Martin Klein. This person, whom he discovered while browsing a web forum, aroused his interest through a series of mysterious posts, so that Wilcox decided to document his ambiguous discoveries about Martin Klein’s personality in a film.

© Warsteiner / Hubertus Struchholz

2nd Place: Sebastian Schmidt, missiles: ANAHIT

With his CGI image “ANAHIT”, the Berlin artist Sebastian Schmidt (35 years old) wins the second prize of Germany’s largest young talent award. What looks like a giant photograph is actually a CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) constructed with state-of-the-art 3D software. According to Sebastian, this technology, which is still quite new in the art world, was the only way to obtain photorealistic images of this kind of weapon systems actively in use. “ANAHIT” is part of the work series missiles, with which Sebastian Schmidt wants to make visible the violence of modern warfare, which nowadays appears more and more invisible through remote-controlled attacks. With a simple push of a button, the military is now able to destroy a city thousands of kilometres away.

© Warsteiner / Hubertus Struchholz

Winner of the Special Category Music Video: Drew Kirsch

In the category music video, which celebrated its premiere last year at Blooom Award by Warsteiner, another worthy winner was chosen with Drew Kirsch from Venice, USA, who receives a prize money of 500 Euros. With “All the Kids are Depressed” Drew has created a music video whose theme and message will always be up to date and gives hope to all the people concerned. “People have been battling depression since we were put on earth and it will probably still remain an issue when we leave” states Drew Kirsch.

© Warsteiner / Hubertus Struchholz


Arno Beck (Germany): Textmode
María Molina Peiró (Netherlands): One Year Life Strata
Kai Richter (Germany): Zero Gravity
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany): missiles: ANAHIT
Joseph Wilcox (USA): In Search of Martin Klein


Abi Huxtable (UK): Prismatic Backward Gaze (ii)
Adva Karni (Israel): The Mother Spirit is watching
Agata Ciechomska (Poland): Polymorphic Pink
Agnieszka Kozlowska (Poland): Carved by Light
Ahmet Kavas (Germany): The Carpet Covers the Earth
Ai Hashimoto (Netherlands): Unfamiliar Landscape after Pink Tsunami
Aisha Daniels (USA): GCC Exploration
Albrecht Fersch (Germany): kleine Murmuration
Aleksandra Polerowicz (Poland): Epagomenai
Alex Schnaider (Israel): Father Son
Alina Aldea (Romania): Out of The Black
Alisi Telengut (Canada): Nutag-Homeland
Almut Rabenau (Germany): Text – Textur
Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Mongolia): Migration Echo
Anas Ghauri (Pakistan): Untittled
André Almeida Rodrigues (Portugal): Alfaião
Anna Zaitseva (France): Barricades
Annakatrin Kraus (Germany): Brick
Annika Grabold (Germany): Flut (Sammlung)
Antonia Nannt (Germany): Widerrist 
Arno Beck (Germany): Textmode
Arshia Sohail (Pakistan): HUMANITY
Atalia Rinsky (Israel): Untitled 05, from Ritual
Bas van den Hout (Belgium): Knee
Bastian Thiery (Germany): Humpelfuchs
Ben Greber (Germany): Stilllegung
Benoit Jammes (France): Grandma Would Be Proud Of Me
Betsy Lewis (USA): Angels Share
Bibo Keeley (UK): A Chance To Live
Bieke Depoorter (Belgium): Dvalemodus
Billie Maya Johansen (Denmark): Red and Blue Ball
Birgit Maaß (Germany): was bleibt
Birthe Blauth (Germany): Erlkönig
Bubu Mosiashvili (Georgia): 9 months, 76 days
Carissa Baktay (Iceland): I Fall Where You Weave
Carlos Grasso (USA): Environmentally Challenged Landscape
Carolina Burandt (Germany): FLURMOMENTE
Carolina Ceballos (Colombia): Fog 12ºC
Catalina Moreno (Colombia): To the blue lady 1
Christina Lorena Weisner (USA): Ocean Bottom Seismometers
Clara Schweers (Germany): Waters
Dagmar Korintenberg & Wolf Kipper (Germany): POINTS OF VIEW
Daniel Beerstecher (Germany): Liberation 4.0
Deirdre Little (Ireland): 1 in 6 
Devadeep Gupta (Germany): Man on Boat
Dieneke Tiekstra (Netherlands): from Bits and Pieces series
Dohyun Baek (UK): Lot’s Wife
Doina Domenica Cojocaru-Thanasiadis (Romania): Remnants
Dorian Sari (Switzerland): Hanged Man & the Whistles
Edison Penafiel (USA): Ni Aqui Ni Alla (Niether Here, Nor There)
Edyta Dufaj (Poland): Weekdays
Elena Urucatu (Spain): Black and White
Eli Singalovski (Israel): Sobriety II
Elias Klein (Germany): Die Kalligraphie des Pelikans
Elmira Abolhassani (Portugal): like every day 
Emile V. Schlesser (Germany): Soap Opera
Emma Starkey (UK): After Contempt
Ernesto Walker Villarreal (Mexico): Kessler I from the Kessler Syndrome series
Evgeniya Martirosyan (Ireland): Chaos Game
Florian Josephowitz (Germany): Elementary
Fran Apprich (Italy): Coffins For Life
Francis Malapris (France): AQUATIC
Franziska Fennert (Indonesia): Social Synthesis
Gilad Ophir (Israel): What If
Giorgi Danibegashvili (Georgia): Elegy of Water
Giorgi Gedevanidze (Germany): I cant sleep with my knife
Giuditta Vendrame (Netherlands): The province of all mankind*
Guido Weggenmann (Germany): Strawberry Field
Guido Zimmermann (Germany): Cuckoo Block “Hotel La Flaine”, 
Gwenny Ebbers (Netherlands): Plunge
Haimi Fenichel (Israel): Sandbox Series
Hamza Kirbas (Turkey): The medium is the message
Hyebin Kwon (Republic of Korea): Schizophrenia
Hyojun Hyun (Germany): Colours and Papers: A Flower with Arm
Hyunjeong Ko (Germany): Spuren des Klangs
Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov (Russia): Poison Museum 
Isabelle Heske (Germany): Flying V
Janus Hochgesand (Germany): Ohne Titel
Jean-Philippe Paumier (Netherlands): Stone’s modesty
Jennifer López Ayala (Germany): Urlicht
Jeremy Knowles (Germany): Dresden nach Prag
Jérémy Piquet (Germany): Écris l’histoire
Johann Sturcz (Germany): Melon Stillife tigerized
Johanna Keimeyer (Germany): BREATH ing HEART
Johanna Strobel (USA): Its sunday 3 a.m. (Gracie, Dexter, Bella, Buddy, Luna)
Jonas Leichsenring (Germany): Boys Dont Cry
Jordy Koevoets (Netherlands): No title (Bling Bling Kalashnikov)
Joseph Wilcox (USA): In Search of Martin Klein
Julia Eichler (Germany): IN BETWEEN
Julie Lovett (UK): Exhibit A
Justyna Adamczyk (Poland): Don’t forget to remember me
Kai Richter (Germany): Zero Gravity
Katerina Belkina (Germany): Receiving Orders. Salome and St. John
Katharina Lehmann (Germany): Black Cubes Solos
Katie Boner (Ireland): The Sound of Hair
Kayleigh Smetsers (Netherlands): Home is where I organise my cup of tea. 
Kira Fröse (Netherlands): Wandhydrant für geschultes Personal
Kirsty Harris (UK): Prescribed
Klara Landwehr (Germany): Litfaß
Kristian Kosch (Germany): Gelastik 3
Kyunghee Han (Germany): Tagesidentität
Lena Trost (Germany): The Smell of Glass
Lennart Foppe (Germany): counter-cultural behavior
Liesje van den Berk (Netherlands): I give you a line
Lilian Anneloes (Netherlands): The Woman as a Kitchentable
Liliana Farber (USA): Feed
Lisa Klinger (Germany): DRAWING OF A MOUNTAIN
Lisette Schumacher (Netherlands): Unité dHabitation de Marseille dixième étage III 2018
Luise Fiedler (Germany): Flächendecken
Maayan Shahar (Israel): Persian Rug
Manuela Fersen (Germany): Harmoniestreben oder der Siegeszug der Freischwinger
Marc Tobias Winterhagen (Poland): Beneath
María Molina Peiró (Netherlands): One Year Life Strata
Martin Butler (Germany): The Chromatic dinner
Martina Justus (Germany): Kohärenz
Matthias Leeck (UK): The Two Serpentines
Maud van den Beuken (Netherlands): Mapping the Sky
Maurice Nuiten (Netherlands): Baby, Did You Know We Already Moved 784000 km Together?
Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru): The House
Mike Calway-Fagen (USA): The Progression of Regression
Mila Panic (Germany): Strawberry Field
Mladen Stropnik (Slovenia): fruit talking hahaha
Monika Goetz (Germany): Polaris
Myriam Hofer (Germany): KATZENMILCH
Nadav Drukker (UK): Codimension-18
Nandita Mukand (Singapore): The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn
Nara Walker (Iceland): Silent Scream
Neale Willis (UK): What Language the Fox
Ngan Wa Ao (China): Wa Wa, we have to go 
Noa Heyne (Germany): Posthumous Adaptations
Nofar Horovitz (Israel): Ties of perception
Ömer Faruk Kaplan (Germany): Venus von Wien
Palash Bhattacharjee (Bangladesh): Compose
Paloma Riewe (Germany): Floß
Paolo Roberto D’Alia (Italy): Master of Doubt
Paul Altmann (Germany): #Parlamentäre
Paul Wiersbinski (Germany): Mortal Toys
Prapat Jiwarangsan (Thailand): Destination Nowhere
Qiwei Zhang (Germany): seeming
Rachel Monosov (Germany): 1972
Ramona Woodruff (Poland): Untitled
Rebecca Agnes (Germany): NARBEN
Richard Lennox (Germany): DataDataData – Let if Flow
Roberta Platania (Italy): MIDNIGHT SUN
Ronny Carny (Israel): Religious Background 
Rupert Jörg (Germany): Flurstrasse 2
Samad Ghorbanzadeh (Iran): Wound
Samaneh Karimian (Iran): watch out for the sound of life
San Williams (UK): the actual structure is the material
Sarah Ellen Lundy (Ireland): They Took All The Bees & Put Them In A Bee Museum…
Sarah Göttling (Germany): Nutzhanf – Eine Forschungsreise
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany): missiles: ANAHIT
Sebastian Winkler (Germany): FAULT
Shannon Novak (New Zealand): Gordon
Simon Gerbaud (Mexico): saVer
Simone Fezer (Germany): flowering out into the world (feed)
Sophie Vukovic (Sweden): Shapeshifters
Stefan Mildenberger (Germany): SMART SCAN PSYCHO
Stefan Reiss (Germany): O.T. 923
Steph Huang (UK ): Gone 2
Teo Papandreopoulos (Greece): game over
Terence Eduarte (Philippines): 100 Days of Secrets
Thomas Behling (Germany): Dont look back!
Tom Cardew (UK): Art to Artillery
Umut Yasat (Germany): Der Stapel 5
Uriel Ziv Azancot (Israel): Eyes Wide Shut
Valentina Jaffé (Germany): Handsome Worries
Viktor Krautwig (Germany): the requested content is currently not available but may be in the future
Viktoria Strecker (Germany): zip
Ville Andersson (Finland): Contemplation
Wasim Habashneh (Jordan): FluoreSAND
Yaqin Si (Germany): In the Midst of
Yelena Myshko (Netherlands): Painful Subjects
Yinon Avior (Denmark): Cry Baby
Yves Peitzner (Germany): DIGITAL ECHO

The application period is over and we have a new record – over 2.800 applications from 97 countries!