Henry Baumann (Germany): 12 circles one cut, 2019

Henry Baumann, 12 circles one cut, 2019 © Linda Hansen

With “12 circles one cut” Henry Baumann (42) from Berlin shows an installation he made from sorted out multiplex wood discs, which appear worthless; but in this new context their hidden beauty is brought to light. The work forms a walk-in tube with widening ends. The sculpture can be seen on two levels: It is both a work of art and a useful object, that seems to be a common yet separate space.

Isaac Chong Wai (Hong Kong): Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises, 2018

Isaac Chong Wai, Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises, 2018 © Isaac Chong Wai

Isaac Chong Wai (29) takes the history of protest actions in Hong Kong, his hometown, and worldwide as a starting point for his work “Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises”. Several performers move in a reduced pace to a choreography inspired by real demonstrations and police training sessions. Because of the slowmotion movements, the gestures of the performers appeal rather comforting than threatening. In this context, Isaac Chong Wai questions the developments and intentions of these exercises.

Lena Marie Emrich (Germany): Infinity Drift, 2018

Lena Marie Emrich, Infinity Drift, 2018 © Sebastian Eggler

Lena Marie Emrich addresses our perception and personal measurement of speed. On an abandoned airfield northeast of Berlin, the artist from Berlin (27) had tuned vehicles put on coloured tyres and let the stunt drivers drift along an endless loop until the complete attrition of the rubber puts an end to the continuous excess of rotational speed.

Tal Engelstein (Israel): Breeders, 2019

Tal Engelstein, Breeders, 2019 © Lucie Marsmann

The artist Tal Engelstein (29) from Tel Aviv will build an adaption of his work “Breeders” (Artist Unlimited, 2019)   especially for the Blooom Award special exhibition. He creates several chairs out of melted sugar and places cocoons of Bluebottle Flies inside them. In the course of the special exhibition, the flies will hatch and buzz around the chairs. This gastronomic scenery sets the food industry, the biological process of digestion and the cycle of life in relation. 

Lukas Schmidt (Germany): CREATIVITY IS NOT A TALENT, 2018

Lukas Schmidt, Creativity is not a Talent, 2018 © Lukas Schmidt 2019

In the age of artificial intelligence Lukas Schmidt (27) from Darmstadt questions the creative potential of complex algorithms. The installation “Creativity is Not a Talent” exchanges syntactically comparable sentence components against each other and brings out new contexts, which the viewers interpret individually.

The nominees 2019

Émile Schlesser (Germany): Bubble Machine vs. Cactus
Guido Zimmermann (Denmark): Cuckoo Block “Hamburg – Kirchdorf Süd”
Dafna Tal (Israel): You’re Gorgeous, You’re Mad
Denise Werth (Germany): Birne
Paul Sous (Germany): Blue Wave
Isabelle Heske (Germany): Sanduhr
Hussen Ibraheem (Germany): sweet discomfort of missed connections
Christos Akordalitis (Cyprus): Team player(s)
Ernesto Walker (Germany): Conflicts with the center of the earth
Aljoscha Aljoscha (Germany): “Bioethical Transsubstantiation III”
Viktor Fucek (Slovakia): Architecture of Inner Relations
Natalia Alfutova (Russia): RABBIT HEART
Dominik Sartor (Germany): Fire
Merav Leibküchler (Germany): Quantum Reality
Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė (Lithuania): Is she coming?
Yen-Yu Tseng (Taiwan): The Movement
Ugur Ulusoy (Germany): der einwanderer
Thorsten Schoth (Germany): Altar V
Yuko Takatsudo (Germany): CATS MEETS RICE
Thorben Eggers (Germany): Suchergebnis 2
Janus Hochgesand (United Kingdom): Ohne Titel
Talia Mukmel (Netherlands): Neo – Stucco
Aruzo Firuz (Germany): Unter den Tischen
Caroline Mackenzie (United Kingdom): Flux
Camille Boumans (United Kingdom): Veldt Fire
James Sirrell (Germany): The End of Vincent Van Gogh, Cowboy
Annett Stenzel (Israel): ,C – a´´(Silence Song)
Marie Sutter (Germany): IT WAS ALWAYS YOU
Julia Smirnova (United Kingdom): Convex – concave
Lena Marie Emrich (Germany): Infinity Drift
Sebastian Kite (Germany): Horizons
Katharina Lehmann (Germany): The Perfect Self 1 / Das perfekte Ich 1
Giorgi Gedevanidze (Germany): Rat King
Bill Balaskas (Greece): Point of View
Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen (Israel): Lineated Luminary
Tal Engelstein (Germany): Breeders
Alex Schnaider (Israel): It
Lola Laeufer (Germany): Limelight
Sulamith Loomans (Germany): Unfertiges Urproblem vielleicht
Markus Maier (Germany): 405_001
Alexandra Müller (Germany): Telly / Remote Control
Manuela Fersen (Germany): Musterkollektion Sieben
Kaja Ev el Attar (Germany): ohne Titel
Dora Celentano (Germany): & Other Things
Lisa Klinger (Germany): THE CORNER
José Vicente (Portugal): Realidade N.4 / Reality N.4
Simone Karl (Germany): Anthropogener Bambusgarten
Sooji Lee (Netherlands): in process of
Ipkyu Jang (Germany): cut and paste
Zhiliang Jin (United Kingdom): Shareable Horizons
Olga Ulmann (Germany): Gestrandet (stranded)
Ewa Jaczynska (Germany): Unbekannte Stadt
Nina Ahlers (Germany): Scheibenei
Isaac Wai Chong (Germany): Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises
Roy Mordechay (Germany): RGB
Georg Treitz (Germany): aus der Serie “lys” VII
Kathrin Edwards (Germany): Do you see the fireflys in the tree?
Almut Rabenau (Germany): Pi mal Daumen oder Daumen mal Pi
Lukas Schmidt (Germany): CREATIVITY IS NOT A TALENT
Aris Papadopoulos (Greece): PEACEBUILDERS
Jeonghan Yun (Germany): Wave
Lena Kaapke (Germany): “productionline”
Vera Sous (Germany): Installation: Steckbrief 1 und 2, Afghanistan, Seidenstraße, und Allerweltsbild, Afghanistan, Sicheres Land
Clara Schweers (Germany): Water mandala / Water with(out) gravity
Marieta Tedenacová (Germany): Iris Febris
Galina Dimitrova (Bulgaria): A full room in an empty city
Abhinav Sircar (Germany): Face your fear!
Ustina Yakovleva (Germany): Mollusk XV
Stefan Reiss (Germany): O.T. 976
Fiorella Gomez Silva (Colombia): Atmosphere # 1
Ana Carolina Braga Neto (Brazil): Shall my love wash your hands
Daniel Nicolae Djamo (Brazil): The death of Yatagarasu
Robert Lisek (Netherlands): Holobrain
Silke Weißbach (United Kingdom): When We Collided
Birgit Maaß (Germany): Was bleibt
Aleksandra Polonskaja (Germany): ohne Titel
Jennifer Lopez Ayala (Germany): Mother / Hunted / Miosis
Katya Derksen (United Kingdom): Structure 2 + 3
Henry Baumann (Germany): 12circles one cut
Nanja Gemmer (Germany): AORTA
Timothy Hyunsoo Lee (Germany): 1000 attempts at a reconciliation
Betty Mü (Germany): Fidschi’s Space
Mike Calway-Fagen (United States): The Gargantuan
Daniel Brandt (Germany): Masse