Winners 2014

The best of more than 1,200 applicants: Learn more about the winners of BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER 2014

  • 1st place
    Samira Elagoz, Netherlands
    Four Kings

Length: 24:59 minutes

The film Four Kings is the first short film made by Samira Elagoz. It is a non-budget documentation of what she experienced with strangers who answered her ad online: “READ ME! I’m a 24 year-old girl making a short documentary film. I’m looking for strangers. The concept is that I meet you at your place and film how we get to know each other. We handshake and the camera is on the table for both of us to use. Msg me if you want to meet :)”
  • 2nd place
    Stephanie Lüning, Deutschland
    Schauminsel (Island of foam)

Stephanie Lüning deals in her works with the various forms and impermanence of images and color. She uses a wide variety of materials. The process of creation and change is always emphasised in her works, this also applies for her work Schauminsel. The visitor can experience gradually how her work is created. A foam machine, which is connected to different water tanks (filled up with various coloured foam fluids) produces a pile of coloured foam. The format and dimension of the pile can be modified and is reproduced once in a while. The machine and the mixing console for colours are regulated by the artist.
  • 3rd place
    Yi Zheng Lin, Germany
    Septembersehnen (September cords)

Material: Conduits, cable ties, wire, garbage bags
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 900 cm
Yi Zheng Lin creates floral worlds with construction materials and everyday objects, garbage bags are used as blooming flowers. His work „september cords“ was created in 2013.

Thank you 2014!

New year, new records broken in 2014:
We received more than 1,200 applications from 65 countries - an amazing result.

The special exhibition with the ten finalist's work at BLOOOM - the converging art show was a great success.

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