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Julian Harper from Provo, Utah (USA) wins first place with his video “It’s Getting Hot In This Cosby Sweater“. He uses his art to explore his relationship to other people in terms of race and performance. In his video, he slips into the role of a well-known TV character of the ‘90s. In addition to a trip to
Art Basel Miami Beach or Art Basel Hong Kong, Julian will receive a one- year mentorship that will help his career as an artist.
© Martin Moritz
Arshia Sohail from Pakistan wins second place with her installation “FREEDOM” and thus, her own exhibition at a well-established gallery. The artist wants to draw attention to the subjective understanding and contextual dependency of individual words with her work. Her installation shows sparrows in a metal cage forming the word “FREEDOM”.
© Martin Moritz
By displaying an egg yolk on a monocle, the artist Yun- Ling Chen (Taiwan) wants to point out how sensitive individual items are and to blur the boundaries between abstract and real. During a one-day mentoring session with an art expert, the artist will receive important training for her further professional career.
© Martin Moritz
For the first time, the new category “music video” was awarded: Michael Klich from Germany prevailed against the other applicants with his music video “Hallo Frosch”.

Our finalists

Our jury committee selected this year's finalists for BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER from over 2,300 candidates from 90 countries.
The three winners will be announced at the award ceremony on November 17, 2017 at 6pm.
The winner of the newly introduced category 'music video' will also be announced at the award ceremony.
Nadine Baldow (Germany)
Yun-Ling Chen (UK)
Dongwhan Kang (South Korea)
Zoe Forster (UK)
Antonio Guiotto (Italy)
Julian Harper (USA)
Inbal Hoffman (Israel)
Shahar Marcus (Israel)
Andrea Schönborn (Germany)
Arshia Sohail (Pakistan)


Our jury members nominated the following artists for the BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER. Congratulations!

Abedinirad, Shirin (Iran): Babel Tower
Adamczyk, Justyna (Poland): Tell me stories
Aizawa, Atsushi (Japan): Origin #10
Amirhajlou, pariya (Iran): To separate from previous man!
Amirvaghefi, Maryamsadat (USA): 158 cm Basketball Player
Andrée, Thomas (Germany): vorwärts
Anspaugh, Nate (Germany): “Torn-Poster Portrait of an Urban Idiot”
Anton, Irene (Germany): hall of frame
Arndt, Katharina (Germany): Follow me
Arztmann, Julia (Germany): Apparatus
Bahia Benatti, Duane (Germany): Krone
Baktay, Carissa (Portugal): Of Things I Cant Unthink
Baldow, Nadine (Germany): Marked Sheep
Balunova, Katarina (Slovakia): Indoor Paradise
Bandelin, Undine (Germany): Bad im Ganges
Bartsch, Silke (Germany): Comein
Baumanns, Dirk (Germany): Skindreams
BEJA, BORIS (Slovenia): Between the Lines
Bengard, Anne (Germany): Tooth Loss Nightmares
Beuns, Doron (The Netherlands): WRITERS BLOCK (2017)
Borowy, Anna (Germany): Jakob
Böttcher, Jan Kilian (Germany): Eight Billion Bullets Per Year
Bouscaren, Tra (USA): BRain Stem
Brunk, Raphael (Germany): Capture_Untitled_11
Cardew, Tom (UK): We
Charles, Christian (USA): CC TIME - THE BINGE IS REAL
Chen, Zihan (USA): Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Official Introduction
Ching, Monica (Puerto Rico): Salsa de pato
Chluba, Daniel (Germany): #LIEBEMITUNS
Cones, Neta (israel): Zanzibar Cococnut Trees
Cui, Kai (Germany): Das Herz der dunklen Seite
Cuni, Xheni (Germany): The Siren
Danibegashvili, Giorgi (USA): Seed morphology
de Koninck, Sasha (USA): Zeroes and Ones: Exercises in Translation
Dekker, Sander (The Netherlands): Samia - New York City, US
Diegel, Jos (Germany): PASSION TO PERFORM GOLD (limitierte Edition 10Stk.)
Do, Juliana (Austria ): In the blue note
Doghor-Hötter, Helen Efe (Germany): CorAmorphic
Dölker, Felix (Germany): inzwischen
Dungate , Immie (UK): Gravity
Feucht, Sibylle (Germany): crash #1
Fidesser, Marie-Elene Yael Fides (Austria ): Und Nichts Ist Da Dazwischen Da
Forster, Zoe (UK): Charming
Fournier, Estelle (UK): Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight
Fyfe, Natalie (The Netherlands): Choreography of the Mouth Nil by Mouth
Gardella, James (USA): Untitled
Gedevanidze, Giorgi (Germany): Waltzing Matilda
Gemmer, Nanja (Germany): Plane D-CNRZ (Installation)
Goffer, Amit (Germany): Pan
Gohmert, Anna (Germany): Die Mineraliensammlung meines Vaters. Willst du mit mir gehen - ja / nein / vielleicht
Gomez (ELBI ELEM), Raquel (Spain): Silence
Guiotto, Antonio (Italy): one year of spam
Hacmon, Zac (USA): Rest
Hannum, Terence (USA): Dead Fade
Harbers, Willem (The Netherlands): Labofähig
Harper, Julian (USA): It's Getting Hot In This Cosby Sweater
Heilig, Megan-Leigh (South Africa): Everything Will Be Alright (2017)
Herr, Stefanie (Spain): Oeufre
Herrera, Maria (Colombia): desolated cities
Hochgesand, Janus (Germany): O.T.
Hoffman, Inbal (Israel): Cart of curiosities
Hurtig, Stefan (Germany): Bloom! Your Self Beautifully Enriched
Isterika, Künstlerduo (Germany): ROBUR/VIGOR
Jakobson, Helga (The Netherlands): Arachnes Sonifier
JANG, IP KYU (Germany): chair
Jubert, Beju, Bertrand (USA): Autoportrait Dudali
Kaburidis, Eleni (Austria): Wandverlängerung
Kang, Dongwhan (Germany): die atmende Maschine
Kargar, Manzur (Germany): VANITAS 5
Kashi, Mosh (Israel): A cappella
Kato, Ryo (Germany): Kampf gegen Monster
Kell, Anna (USA): The Overgrown Garden
Killen, Kevin (UK): Infinity Studies - Monotony
Kim, Eun Kyung (Germany): Ashore
Kim, hyejin (USA): Three bears
Kim, Jae Kyung (Germany): 2+2=5
Kim, Noheul (France): La vie quotidienne on the frame lozenge
Kleszczewski, Pawel (UK): Broken Tale
Klinkenberg, Laura (The Netherlands): the Rising Balance canldeholder
Klompen, Werner (The Netherlands): warriors of positive state of mind
Koch, Ariane (Germany): FORZA
Koch, Thomas (Germany): Stadt
König, Katrin (Germany): VI-V-MMXV
Korsig, Bodo (Germany): „Dreams and Memories“
Kostka, Anibal Maximilian (Germany): Ping
Krinzinger, Matthias (Austria ): heavymetalLeichtmetall
Kuhn, Thomas (Germany): Krume
Kwon, Hongku (Germany): sea IX
LASSERRE, GREGORY (France): Cogito ergo sum
Latif, Inzajeano (Belgium): Lincoln Heights
Lawniczak, Sophie (Germany): Realitätstransfer
Lecke, Dorit (Germany): bodylines
Lee, Ae Hee (Germany): Jan.
Lee, Daniel (South Korea): Untitled1
Lee, Ji Eun (Germany): Gebaute Struktur
Leeck, Matthias (Germany): o.T.
Leeuwerink, Tyas (The Netherlands): Disperse
Lehmann, David (Germany): Jonestown
Leverenz, Larissa (Austria ): Moby Dick und d. Himmelskörper
Lindner, Anne (Luxembourg): The Garden of Thoughts
Llovera, Sebastian (Venezuela): Depurations
Loy, Katrin (Germany): Blind Girl
Mackenroth, Janine (Germany): THE NAIL POLISH PAINTING MACHINE
Marcus , Shahar (Israel ): Homecoming Artist (Dresden)
McLaughlin, Catherine (UK): LEND US A QUID MATE
Mejía, Sebastian (Germany): Winter Collection
Mentzingen, Philip (Austria): So much for Impressionism
Mergenthaler, Dain (USA): Softly
Micha Das Bach, Micha Das Bach *no gender (Germany): Medeas Garten
Miller, Jill (USA): Split
Mornhinweg, Nils (Germany): Emotionen
Niccoli, Christian (Germany): Du bei mir
Nuiten, Maurice (The Netherlands): Teerling II
ORANGI, LADAN (Iran): The Iranian sash window
Palma, Pedro (Portugal): Black Box
Panic, Mila (Germany): Burning Field
Papakyriakou, Panagiota (UK): As best She can
Park, Boohri (Germany): , and vice versa
Paskali, Irena (Germany): die Ruine
Peretz, Sharon (Israel): And Your Hand Craft Sky
Peters, Stefan (Belgium): Rehearsals (original version)
Pikkov, Ülo (Estonia): Empty Space
Povzner, Alexander (Russia): Untitled (from Fools series)
Rahn, Wibke (Germany): GRÜN AU (aus der reihe SHELTER)
Rayher, Benjamin (Germany): Modern Superheroes
Rempel, Verena (Germany): ALLOMIMESE
Reuter, Caspar (Germany): Fleisch Baby (kinetische Skulptur)
Rojas, Juan Sebastián (Colombia): Fata Morgana
Ronniger, Aisha (Germany): City Skins - Marx-Engels
ROSE, Antoine (Belgium): People of Atlanta Hearsfield Jackson
Rotner, Yana (Israel): flag stands
Rottinghaus, Lara (Germany): Besucher
Sans, Fette (Germany): If I cant sleep at night is it because I am [redacted] - Part II
Schamp, Matthias (Germany): without title
Schmidt, Karsten (Germany): Der Anstoß
Schönborn, Andrea (UK): Metamorphosis
Schulz, Eugen (Germany): #shapeofalake
Seramet, Mirtay (Germany): Miray on speed Teil 2
Shalev, Keren (Germany): Zaun in Schichten (layered Fence)
Sharabani, Ronen (Israel): Conductors of Resistance
Sharp, Kathleen (USA): Red no. 1
Shillo, Ynin (Israel): Intimate
Siegenbruk, Albrecht Maximilian (Germany): Jungle
Sio, Robbin (The Netherlands): Temp.
Smetsers, Kayleigh (The Netherlands): How to graduate feeling that I matter
Smits, Luuk (The Netherlands): Modern Pillar
Sohail, Arshia (Pakistan): FREEDOM
Soya, Asae (Japan): The Light
Spiccia, Melissa (UK): A Body Reduced
Steiner, Boris (Belgium): De Billen Bioscoop (The Bottom Big Screen)
Strøbek, Mikael Christian (Germany): Flag of no Nation
Svanishvili, Levan (Germany): rosea me
Szabo, Klara Petra (Hungary): Pretense
Tacconi, Andrea (Italy): Sfaccettature_02
Tal, Lee (USA): you surrounded me with color
Taleb, Othmane (Tunisia): exit to heaven
Tauber, Rachel (Israel): The Lacemaker
Teles, Inês (Portugal): Blinds
Thalhofer, Marina (Germany): URBAN JUNGLE SAFARI
Thie, Britta (Germany): The Superhost
Tönnissen, Katja (Germany): Lamps army
Trost, Lena (Germany): Hear That Space
Unverzagt, Mia (Germany): I know what boys like
UYSAL, H. OZAN (Turkey): Life Hits
Valley, Lauren (USA): DonnaLive!
van der Vleuten, Lynn (UK): Clay and concrete powder
van der Waals, Sterre (The Netherlands): Shame on me
Vasilev, Yasen (Bulgaria): NUTRICULA
Veigl, Martin (Austria ): Konstruierte Masse
Veldman, Jarle (The Netherlands): PalletSofa
Verheul, Eva (The Netherlands): 5.5 mm yellow
Vionnet, Nicolas (Switzerland): Maria wärst Du hart geblieben, wär Weihnachten und erspart geblieben
Wagner, Alexander (Germany): Niebüllumbus
Weber, Anna (Germany): cant fight the moonlight
Weinberger, Uroš (Slovenia): The March
Werth, Letizia (Austria): Four Pictures
Wiersbinski, Paul (Germany): Fly high or I fly above you
Winter-Stojanovic, Jenny (Germany): TransMission
Wrede, Daniel (Germany): schubkarre
Yun-Ling, Chen (UK): 17-SS-10 / Not Really Really
Yvette, Lau (Hong Kong): Fear Not
Zayatz, Necole (USA): Skirmish
Zumbé, Marco (Germany): nothing compares to me


Apply from April 1 to July 31, 2018!


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