the winners of 2012

  • 1. Place
    Johanna Flammer, Germany
    STOLO on white 4

Material: Painting, Collage, Drawing on Canvas
Measueres: 190 cm x 130 cm

The process of letting yourself go without making decisions with the brush is he foundation of Johanna Flammer’s work. Once this is done she starts to deliberately create her painting. In the end colors and collages are going to be connected by the help of felt pens or ball pens.
When you take a close look you will see a collage of colored hair between the painting. Taking a step back the spectator will discover unanswerable miracles.
  • 2. Place
    AlexP, The Netherlands

Material: Touch screen
Measures: 1,50 m x 1,20 m x 2,50 m

Marbling is an interactive virtual marble track. The installation contains a lying display, with a slight angle relative to the horizon. On the display virtual marbles roll down. The marbles leave colourful trails, which slowly vague like contrails in the sky. The colour patterns show some resemblance with the patterns created by the marbling technique.
Spectators can place 2 different real world objects on the display. One is a “marble source” and the other is an object against which the virtual marbles bounce. Once a marble enters from a marble source, a piano sound is heard. The same note is played when the marble bounces against one of the other objects. When the spectator moves a source or another object, the image on the display freezes and only a thin pad sound is heard. The system continues when the spectator removes his hand from the display.Marbling is a great combination of visuals, sound and interactivity. Spectators will experience a unusual combination of virtual and physical objects in this installation.
  • 3. Place
    Mariola Laschet, Germany
    ...Zong, Zang, Zing...

Material: Ball pen on paper
Measures: 278 sheets á 24 cm x 30 cm, total. 24 cm x 8022 cm

Mariola considers hand drawings as a field of subjective trying – a playground of great pictures. She builds an associative web of chaotic figures which takes the spectator to a journey of imaginations.


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