Top 100 2012

The tip of the iceberg: The 100 best submissions

  • Lukas Adolphi, Germany
    bitte alles ändern (all change please)

  • Finalistin Miya Ando, USA
    Sentient 8

  • Irene Anton, Germany
    intervention invading network - net no. 25

  • Eva-Maria Benkhoff, Germany

  • Ulrich Berger, Germany
    Licht.piano (Light.Piano)

  • Finalist Stefan Bircheneder, Germany
    Altlast 63 (abandoned waste 63)

  • Anja Bittersohl, Germany
    Die Schlacht um Giverny (The Battle for Giverny)

  • Evi Tabea Blink, Germany

  • John Boelee, The Netherlands
    Emotional Disturbance #09

  • Bram Braam, Germany
    Next Nature

  • Alexandra Braun, Germany
    Eiswelt (Ice world)

  • Braam Broerse, The Netherlands
    Animated Clock

  • Torsten P Bruch, Germany

  • Finalistin Heike S. Buehler, Germany
    Suicide Game

  • F. Campanale, The Netherlands
    The Pages Wing

  • Benjamin Dammers, Germany
    Schönheit (beauty)

  • Garvin Dickhof, Germany
    Dekonstruktive Archikulptur XXV

  • Heinz Bert Dreckmann, Germany
    geschlossene Gesellschaft (private function)

  • Alice Eikelpoth, Germany
    So Said So Done

  • Sari ElKhazen, Lebanon
    Time Passing By

  • Finalistin Johanna Flammer, Germany
    STOLO on white 4

  • Saeed Foroghi, Germany
    we scream for ice cream

  • Olli Fraenkel, Bali
    tippy dong

  • Jonas Ginter, Germany
    Timelapse - Seoul

  • Lorenz Goldstein, Germany
    painting expressive skin

  • Agii Gosse, Germany

  • Cornelius Grau, Germany
    Motorsäge (motor saw)

  • Tobias Günther, Germany
    Perspektivwechsel Farbnectar (change in perspective)

  • Marcus Haaser, Germany

  • Willem Harbers, The Netherlands
    Girofinale 12

  • Samuel Henne, Germany
    something specific about everything

  • Lars Henning, Germany
    Racing at the Edge

  • Stefanie Herr, Spain

  • Lars Herrmann, Germany
    desastres I

  • Finalist Jacky Hijstek, The Netherlands
    The Haunting Period

  • Christian Hof, Germany
    Schnee von Morgen (snow of tomorrow)

  • Gordon Holden, USA
    iPad Cosby

  • Klaus Horstmann-Czech, Germany

  • Jane Hughes, Germany
    Imaging Other Words

  • Damien Kamholtz, Australia
    Boats like feathers

  • Ki Youn Kim, Germany
    Ohne Titel (untitled)

  • Elroy Klee, The Netherlands
    Mind Play

  • Franziska Lena Kluw & Isaebelle von Schilcher, Germany

  • Anna Knodt, Germany
    Me, Myself and I

  • Thomas Kratz, Germany
    Mauerlangeweile (bricklayer boredom)

  • Kerstin Kuntze, Germany
    Die Kinder (The children)

  • Gregor Kuschmirz, Germany
    USB RBA 01

  • Sebastian Lang, Germany

  • Finalist Mariola Laschet, Germany
    ...Zong, Zang, Zing...

  • Hui Li, China

  • Bert Löschner, Germany
    Rückgrat (Spine)

  • Martin Mas, Spain
    The possibilty of something

  • Sarah Matuszewski, Germany
    Das Böse kommt auf leisen Sohlen (evil approaches under the radar)

  • Lucie Mercadal, Germany
    Hafenpfütze (harbor puddle)

  • Manuela Merk, Germany
    Häschen in der Grube (rabbit in a burrow)

  • A. Minor, Germany
    o. T. Pissoirs

  • Pit Molling, Luxembourg

  • Inga Momsen, Germany
    Fadentanz (Dance of threads)

  • Melina Nava, Germany
    Méli - Mélo

  • Marijke Neppelenbroek, The Netherlands
    A Place where the wind blows

  • Dennis Neuschafer Ruebe, Germany
    The Wizard of Oz Experiment

  • Thomas Noschka, Germany
    Google + Real Life?!

  • Yves Obyn, Belgium
    Oh, Boy!

  • Olga Oleinic, The Netherlands

  • Gerd Paulicke, Germany
    Tritt an zum Tanz 2 Memento Mori (Come on and dance 2 Memento Mori)

  • Viktor Popovich, Croatia

  • Finalist Alex Prooper, The Netherlands

  • Iryna Pryval, Germany

  • Finalist Quintessenz Creation, Germany
    color my kingdom

  • Benno Riffel, Germany
    Just a friend

  • Antonia Sanker, Germany
    Die Kritiker (The critics)

  • Diana Scheuering, Germany


  • Lena Schmidt, Germany

  • Markus Schnabel, Germany
    gema in dich

  • Vladimir Schneider, Germany
    Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end

  • Marian Schrader, Germany
    Slaughter Day

  • Linda Schumann, Germany
    Kippenboogie (butt boogie)

  • Charlotte Simon, Germany
    Teilweise - Unikate aus dem Locher (Partially - unique copies from the perforator)

  • Ruben Benjamin Smulczinsky, Germany
    o. T.

  • Hyun Ju Song, Germany
    The moment at which we are lost for words

  • Wanda Stang, Germany
    Der Künstler und seine Muse (The artist and his muse)

  • Uwe Tabatt, Germany
    Rotationen (rotations)

  • Christine Tauber, The Netherlands
    International poetry-song of the heart

  • Louise te Poele, The Netherlands

  • Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, United Kingdom
    Eye for an eye

  • Danni van Amstel, The Netherlands
    o. T.

  • Jose van Waarde, The Netherlands
    L Arbre (3)

  • Anna Nwaada Weber, Germany
    Four Eyes

  • Christian Weber, Germany

  • Franziska Wernicke, The Netherlands
    room moment c1

  • Ralph Westerhoff, The Netherlands

  • Dominik von Winterfeld, Germany

  • Heiko Wommelsdorf, Germany
    Spieluhren (music boxes)

  • Win Mui Yuen, Germany
    emotional landscape

  • Finalists Daniel Zakharov, Sebastian Hennig, Germany
    Face the euro

  • Thordis Erla Zoega, The Netherlands
    Merging items, peole, patterns

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