Top 10 2013

Here are the ten best works of BLOOOM AWARD BY WARSTEINER 2013, which were presented at BLOOOM - the converging art show from October 30 to November 3 2013.

  • 2nd place: Alexander Becherer, Germany

Material: hardened polystyrene, wood, metal, cement, spray paint, rotary motors, steam
Dimensions: 800 cm x 250 cm x 120 cm
Our temporary era is defined by worldwide urbanization, overflowing urban agglomerations and ever-increasing rural flight. As late as 1970, there were only three so-called megacities in the entire world: New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Just 30 years later, there are now 24. This trend and shift as well as the rapid net population growth in pre-existing cities shape people’s life histories and are increasingly important for society. Alexander Becherer has taken up this vision in his project Paratropolis. From October 2012 to May 2013, he developed a highly detailed, constantly expanding, fictional model of a palpably present urban living, working, and recreational space.

The metropolitan behemoth is accessed by way of a street that takes the form of a conveyor belt. It floods viewers’ eyes with a multitude of visual stimuli, simultaneously beckoning them with a fantastic voyage of discovery into the heart of an urban nightmare, furnished with masses of symbols and found material. Fritz Lang’s images from Metropolis play a role here, as does the real-world visual idiom of Eastern Bloc Socialism.
  • Finalists Fabian Driehorst & Frédéric Schuld, Germany

Length: 2:46 minutes
A car is aflame in front of an alpine region and swallows its own smoke: A classical filmstunt is extracted and merged into an endless repetition. Fabian Driehorst and Frédéric Schuld invite you to experience the arranged interaction of a powerful, static presence and the dynamics of the eternal cycle of appearance and deconstruction.
  • Finalist Timo Klein, Germany
    Cityscapes | Compact Life

Material: Photographs: Fine art print on backlit display; Installation: solid-colored and oiled black MDF, perspex, electronic assemblies
Photographs (L x H): 180 cm x 120 cm
Installation (L x W x H): approx. 200 cm x 50 cm x 210 cm
Cityscapes | Compact Life was created between 2011 and 2013 and documents in images and sounds the fascination and life in Asia’s big cities from a perspective which is far away from the cookshops and the overcrowded streets.
The artist Timo Klein gained access to rooftops, balconies and blocks of flats in various Asian metropolises enabling him to discover awe-inspiring perspectives on the almost endless interweaving of the omnipresent blocks of flats.
Two of the most impressive results are presented in a two-sided light box. The photographs that were created by the artist, and the materials used – MDF wood, fluorescent tubes and acrylic glass – are consolidated artistically and the “Compact Life” is brought to life audibly with authentic street sounds played in the background.
  • Finalist Alexander Minor, Germany
    check out

Material: photography, wooden frame
Dimensions: 50 x 60 cm
Minor is often underway in Europe, where he continues to create the ongoing work check out. The series currently consists of 65 photographs from various hotels.

After staying in a hotel, Minor leaves his hotel room in an altered state. Shortly before checking out, he uses the objects at hand (towels, bathrobes, etc.) to build an installation on the bed; he then photographs the bed and leaves the room. The first person to enter the room is from the cleaning staff.
  • Finalistin Mi-Ah Rödiger, Netherlands
    Kissen (Pillow)

Material: silicone, foam plastic, gold-plated brass
Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm x 16 cm
In a society where personal contact is increasingly being displaced by the universal mechanization of social functions and remote or virtual relationships, there is a reduced potential for interpersonal communication and opportunities for direct encounters that evoke pleasure, conflict, or other emotional interactions. Certain values such as trust, loyalty, and fellowship seem to be disappearing. The response is a yearning for intimacy and direct contact with one’s peers. “This led me to take lip prints from 50 different people with whom I was or am in personal contact and to combine them within a reliquary.” , says Mi-Ah Rödiger.
  • 3rd place: Ramon Schoonbrood, Belgium
    My Worthless Life

Material: Black cables
Dimensions: Variable
My Worthless Life is created in situ, and thus adapts to the size and shape of its current location. The work is of a temporary nature and must be re-created by the artist each time an exhibition takes place. Ramon Schoonbrood uses only black cables and a projector. Only one specific viewpoint shows the correct perspective, the image of a tormented Superman. The alienation of well-known icons from popular culture is the artist’s way of criticizing our present-day society.
  • 1st. place: Igor Simic, Serbia
    The Thinker in the Supermarket

Length: 7:06 minutes
The Thinker in the Supermarket is a part of the multimedia “Shopping Cart Art Project,” which Igor Simic started in the summer of 2012. Simic directed and wrote the video, and the director of photography was Nemanja Jovanov. The voice-over is provided in several languages. In the video, a contemporary Thinker is sitting across from a supermarket shelf full of products. The thinker’s stream of consciousness moves towards a broader understanding of packaging as a "clean" way of exploiting everything that exists in nature, including humanity. The video was shot on the top of Mount Beljanica in Serbia. The Thinker in the Supermarket was in the official selection of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and was screened at other international festivals.
  • Finalist Carlo Speranza, Italy

Material: wood, glue, varnish
Dimensions: 217 cm x 217 cm x 63 cm
Carlo Speranza presents a sculpture in the shape of a round kayak.
The artist has glued together 1,200 individual components by hand. The sculpture is 217 cm in diameter.
  • Finalist Michael Stalherm, Germany
    Ehe II (Marriage II)

Material: drawing, pencil on paper
Dimensions: 106 x 130 cm
Michael Stalherm’s drawings are the result of weeks of diligent work. They are carried out with great virtuosity and elegance – obsessively detailed and pedantic.
In his work, Stalherm constantly seeks to explore the boundaries of graphic art, to develop new material, and to invent styles. The work Ehe II (marriage II) that he submitted required approx. 330 hours of work.
  • Finalistin Dora Zambo, Germany
    the impossibility to be a pig

Material: fabric
Dimensions: life size
The work’s dimensions correspond to those of a real pig. Created from textile material and stuffed with plastic bags, the work represents the tormented image of motherhood among slaughterhouse pigs, which are forced to remain constantly pregnant and whose nursing robs them of their strength.

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