Blooom Award by Warsteiner

Steppingstone for emerging artists

The competition funded by Warsteiner brewery offers young artists from all around the world the possibility to gain a foothold in the international art market.

Who can apply?
Visual arts, Design, Urban art or Video – the artistic potential has no limitations at BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER. We are looking for artists who knowingly work at the interfaces between art and creative industries, whose works blur boundaries of traditional forms of expression. Since its beginning in 2010, BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER emphasizes interdisciplinarity, power of innovation, courage and progressiveness. For the 2017 edition, more than 2,300 artists applied from 90 countries.
Jury and winners of BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER 2017 © Warsteiner
What characterizes BLOOOM Award
BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER consciously takes responsibility for the participating artists and is distinguished by a long-term support. For one year, the winner will be actively supported in their career: As part of a one-year mentoring by one of the jury members, the winner defines goals with the mentor to boost their career. Next steps are planned together and the winner benefits from the contacts and experience of their mentor.
Award ceremony at the special exhibition of BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER 2017 © Warsteiner
Marked Sheep by Nadine Baldow © Warsteiner
Impression of the special exhibition at BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER © Warsteiner
All finalists of BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER got the chance to exhibit their works during the special exhibition of BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER within Art Düsseldorf, which attracted 43,000 visitors. On-site they could make valuable contacts with curators and galleries.

BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER thus offers artists a special platform to draw attention to themselves and their work.


You can apply for BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner 2019 starting April 1, 2019.


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