Die Nominierten

Hier sind die Nominierten für den BLOOOM Award 2018! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Abi Huxtable (UK): Prismatic Backward Gaze (ii)
Adva Karni (Israel): The Mother Spirit is watching
Agata Ciechomska (Poland): Polymorphic Pink
Agnieszka Kozlowska (Poland): Carved by Light
Ahmet Kavas (Germany): The Carpet Covers the Earth
Ai Hashimoto (Netherlands): Unfamiliar Landscape after Pink Tsunami
Aisha Daniels (USA): GCC Exploration
Albrecht Fersch (Germany): kleine Murmuration
Aleksandra Polerowicz (Poland): Epagomenai
Alex Schnaider (Israel): Father Son
Alina Aldea (Romania): Out of The Black
Alisi Telengut (Canada): Nutag-Homeland
Almut Rabenau (Germany): Text - Textur
Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Mongolia): Migration Echo
Anas Ghauri (Pakistan): Untittled
André Almeida Rodrigues (Portugal): Alfaião
Anna Zaitseva (France): Barricades
Annakatrin Kraus (Germany): Brick
Annika Grabold (Germany): Flut (Sammlung)
Antonia Nannt (Germany): Widerrist
Arno Beck (Germany): Textmode
Arshia Sohail (Pakistan): HUMANITY
Atalia Rinsky (Israel): Untitled 05, from Ritual
Bas van den Hout (Belgium): Knee
Bastian Thiery (Germany): Humpelfuchs
Ben Greber (Germany): Stilllegung
Benoit Jammes (France): Grandma Would Be Proud Of Me
Betsy Lewis (USA): Angels Share
Bibo Keeley (UK): A Chance To Live
Bieke Depoorter (Belgium): Dvalemodus
Billie Maya Johansen (Denmark): Red and Blue Ball
Birgit Maaß (Germany): was bleibt
Birthe Blauth (Germany): Erlkönig
Bubu Mosiashvili (Georgia): 9 months, 76 days
Carissa Baktay (Iceland): I Fall Where You Weave
Carlos Grasso (USA): Environmentally Challenged Landscape
Carolina Burandt (Germany): FLURMOMENTE
Carolina Ceballos (Colombia): Fog 12ºC
Catalina Moreno (Colombia): To the blue lady 1
Christina Lorena Weisner (USA): Ocean Bottom Seismometers
Clara Schweers (Germany): Waters
Dagmar Korintenberg & Wolf Kipper (Germany): POINTS OF VIEW
Daniel Beerstecher (Germany): Liberation 4.0
Deirdre Little (Ireland): 1 in 6
Devadeep Gupta (Germany): Man on Boat
Dieneke Tiekstra (Netherlands): from Bits and Pieces series
Dohyun Baek (UK): Lot's Wife
Doina Domenica Cojocaru-Thanasiadis (Romania): Remnants
Dorian Sari (Switzerland): Hanged Man & the Whistles
Edison Penafiel (USA): Ni Aqui Ni Alla (Niether Here, Nor There)
Edyta Dufaj (Poland): Weekdays
Elena Urucatu (Spain): Black and White
Eli Singalovski (Israel): Sobriety II
Elias Klein (Germany): Die Kalligraphie des Pelikans
Elmira Abolhassani (Portugal): like every day
Emile V. Schlesser (Germany): Soap Opera
Emma Starkey (UK): After Contempt
Ernesto Walker Villarreal (Mexico): Kessler I from the Kessler Syndrome series
Evgeniya Martirosyan (Ireland): Chaos Game
Florian Josephowitz (Germany): Elementary
Fran Apprich (Italy): Coffins For Life
Francis Malapris (France): AQUATIC
Franziska Fennert (Indonesia): Social Synthesis
Gilad Ophir (Israel): What If
Giorgi Danibegashvili (Georgia): Elegy of Water
Giorgi Gedevanidze (Germany): I cant sleep with my knife
Giuditta Vendrame (Netherlands): The province of all mankind*
Guido Weggenmann (Germany): Strawberry Field
Guido Zimmermann (Germany): Cuckoo Block "Hotel La Flaine",
Gwenny Ebbers (Netherlands): Plunge
Haimi Fenichel (Israel): Sandbox Series
Hamza Kirbas (Turkey): The medium is the message
Hyebin Kwon (Republic of Korea): Schizophrenia
Hyojun Hyun (Germany): Colours and Papers: A Flower with Arm
Hyunjeong Ko (Germany): Spuren des Klangs
Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov (Russia): Poison Museum
Isabelle Heske (Germany): Flying V
Janus Hochgesand (Germany): Ohne Titel
Jean-Philippe Paumier (Netherlands): Stone's modesty
Jennifer López Ayala (Germany): Urlicht
Jeremy Knowles (Germany): Dresden nach Prag
Jérémy Piquet (Germany): Écris l'histoire
Johann Sturcz (Germany): Melon Stillife tigerized
Johanna Keimeyer (Germany): BREATH ing HEART
Johanna Strobel (USA): Its sunday 3 a.m. (Gracie, Dexter, Bella, Buddy, Luna)
Jonas Leichsenring (Germany): Boys Dont Cry
Jordy Koevoets (Netherlands): No title (Bling Bling Kalashnikov)
Joseph Wilcox (USA): In Search of Martin Klein
Julia Eichler (Germany): IN BETWEEN
Julie Lovett (UK): Exhibit A
Justyna Adamczyk (Poland): Don't forget to remember me
Kai Richter (Germany): Zero Gravity
Katerina Belkina (Germany): Receiving Orders. Salome and St. John
Katharina Lehmann (Germany): Black Cubes Solos
Katie Boner (Ireland): The Sound of Hair
Kayleigh Smetsers (Netherlands): Home is where I organise my cup of tea.
Kira Fröse (Netherlands): Wandhydrant für geschultes Personal
Kirsty Harris (UK): Prescribed
Klara Landwehr (Germany): Litfaß
Kristian Kosch (Germany): Gelastik 3
Kyunghee Han (Germany): Tagesidentität
Lena Trost (Germany): The Smell of Glass
Lennart Foppe (Germany): counter-cultural behavior
Liesje van den Berk (Netherlands): I give you a line
Lilian Anneloes (Netherlands): The Woman as a Kitchentable
Liliana Farber (USA): Feed
Lisa Klinger (Germany): DRAWING OF A MOUNTAIN
Lisette Schumacher (Netherlands): Unité dHabitation de Marseille dixième étage III 2018
Luise Fiedler (Germany): Flächendecken
Maayan Shahar (Israel): Persian Rug
Manuela Fersen (Germany): Harmoniestreben oder der Siegeszug der Freischwinger
Marc Tobias Winterhagen (Poland): Beneath
Maria Molina Peiro (Netherlands): ONE YEAR LIFE STRATA
Martin Butler (Germany): The Chromatic dinner
Martina Justus (Germany): Kohärenz
Matthias Leeck (UK): The Two Serpentines
Maud van den Beuken (Netherlands): Mapping the Sky
Maurice Nuiten (Netherlands): Baby, Did You Know We Already Moved 784000 km Together?
Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru): The House
Mike Calway-Fagen (USA): The Progression of Regression
Mila Panic (Germany): Strawberry Field
Mladen Stropnik (Slovenia): fruit talking hahaha
Monika Goetz (Germany): Polaris
Myriam Hofer (Germany): KATZENMILCH
Nadav Drukker (UK): Codimension-18
Nandita Mukand (Singapore): The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn
Nara Walker (Iceland): Silent Scream
Neale Willis (UK): What Language the Fox
Ngan Wa Ao (China): Wa Wa, we have to go
Noa Heyne (Germany): Posthumous Adaptations
Nofar Horovitz (Israel): Ties of perception
Ömer Faruk Kaplan (Germany): Venus von Wien
Palash Bhattacharjee (Bangladesh): Compose
Paloma Riewe (Germany): Floß
Paolo Roberto D'Alia (Italy): Master of Doubt
Paul Altmann (Germany): #Parlamentäre
Paul Wiersbinski (Germany): Mortal Toys
Prapat Jiwarangsan (Thailand): Destination Nowhere
Qiwei Zhang (Germany): seeming
Rachel Monosov (Germany): 1972
Ramona Woodruff (Poland): Untitled
Rebecca Agnes (Germany): NARBEN
Richard Lennox (Germany): DataDataData - Let if Flow
Roberta Platania (Italy): MIDNIGHT SUN
Ronny Carny (Israel): Religious Background
Rupert Jörg (Germany): Flurstrasse 2
Samad Ghorbanzadeh (Iran): Wound
Samaneh Karimian (Iran): watch out for the sound of life
San Williams (UK): the actual structure is the material
Sarah Ellen Lundy (Ireland): They Took All The Bees & Put Them In A Bee Museum...
Sarah Göttling (Germany): Nutzhanf - Eine Forschungsreise
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany): missiles: ANAHIT
Sebastian Winkler (Germany): FAULT
Shannon Novak (New Zealand): Gordon
Simon Gerbaud (Mexico): saVer
Simone Fezer (Germany): flowering out into the world (feed)
Sophie Vukovic (Sweden): Shapeshifters
Stefan Mildenberger (Germany): SMART SCAN PSYCHO
Stefan Reiss (Germany): O.T. 923
Steph Huang (UK ): Gone 2
Teo Papandreopoulos (Greece): game over
Terence Eduarte (Philippines): 100 Days of Secrets
Thomas Behling (Germany): Dont look back!
Tom Cardew (UK): Art to Artillery
Umut Yasat (Germany): Der Stapel 5
Uriel Ziv Azancot (Israel): Eyes Wide Shut
Valentina Jaffé (Germany): Handsome Worries
Viktor Krautwig (Germany): the requested content is currently not available but may be in the future
Viktoria Strecker (Germany): zip
Ville Andersson (Finland): Contemplation
Wasim Habashneh (Jordan): FluoreSAND
Yaqin Si (Germany): In the Midst of
Yelena Myshko (Netherlands): Painful Subjects
Yinon Avior (Denmark): Cry Baby
Yves Peitzner (Germany): DIGITAL ECHO
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